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Remote Allowance Calculator


ECA's Remote Allowance Calculator enables you to rationalise the calculation of special location allowances for exceptional locations.

  • Establish whether a remote allowance is warranted
  • ​Create fair and rational allowances for all your employees
  • Apply a consistent policy
  • Reflect the individual characteristics of assignment sites
  • Plot and save individual sites online
  • Create attractive reports

Ideal for assignments to:

  • Offshore installations and vessels
  • ​Mining facilities
  • Military installations
  • Polar or tundra research stations
  • Desert or tropical outposts

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How to compensate employees living and working in remote and extreme locations  

22 January 2015

ECA launches a new Remote Allowance Calculator to rationalise the calculation of special allowances for exceptional locations. Neil Ashman reports.

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29 May 2018

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