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Protecting expatriate salaries from exchange rate movements  

2 May 2019

When managing international assignee salary packages, exchange rates can have a huge impact on the overall value.

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Accommodation in Asia: how did rent levels change in 2018?  

14 March 2019

Using the data from our recent accommodation survey, we've analysed the latest rental trends in Asia and the Middle East.

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Latest trends in international rotator assignments  

11 June 2019

Take a look at the key findings from ECA's recent International Rotators Survey, showing the latest trends in rotator assignments.

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May currency review  

5 June 2019

After another chaotic month, is there now a glimmer of light for Zimbabwe's currency?

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White papers

Using key figures from ECA's tax reports and calculators for over 100 countries, this free white paper provides insight into relative tax and social security liabilities in major expatriate destinations worldwide.

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This free report looks at how to calculate and apply location allowances to compensate employees for the hardship they may experience in adapting to life in a new location.

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Know your market position- benchmarking assignee pay and benefits

25 June 2019

In this webinar, ECA experts Oliver Brown and Georgia Wilson will provide practical advice on using ECA's MyExpatriate Market Pay Survey to benchmark your assignees' pay and benefits.

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ECA International

Managing and preparing for currency volatility

3 April 2019

In this webinar, ECA experts Steven Kilfedder and Laura Whitehouse will provide practical advice on dealing with currency volatility.

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