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Location Allowance Calculator


ECA's Location Allowance Calculator offers a transparent and detailed system for calculating location or hardship allowances.

Using assessments of living conditions for over 460 host locations from your selected home city or region, the calculator provides a breakdown of how the recommended allowance is arrived at, a downloadable matrix of all results and a unique and interactive map tool that provides a global summary of Location Ratings at a glance.

Location allowance map
Location allowance map


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Disaster, Disorder and Division: How events of 2017 have affected ECA's Location Ratings scores  

22 January 2018

2017 was a chaotic year throughout the world. Natural disasters, political tensions and economic issues have all had an effect on ECA's Location Ra...

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31 January 2017

It is now common for mobility managers with international staff in Beijing and elsewhere in northern China to field complaints about air pollution....

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  White Papers

ECA Global Perspectives - Location Ratings  

12 June 2013

This free paper looks at the use of location allowances in compensating employees for adaptation and hardship when working in a new location.

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