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MyExpatriate Market Pay


ECA's unique MyExpatriate Market Pay Reports provide detailed benchmarking information about expatriate salaries in specific countries, allowing you to test, adjust or prove the efficiency of your salary policy.

The personalised reports, provided FREE to companies who contribute data to them, can be used to accurately compare pay and benefits and demonstrate the market position of your salaries to key stakeholders.

  • Interactive salary charts show how your employees’ salaries compare with others in the same country and market sector
  • Downloadable ‘total package listings’ show comprehensive details of each component of the total assignment package on offer to individual assignees – salaries, benefits and bonuses
  • Local salary graphs compare average expatriate salaries against local salaries
  • Breakdowns are given of salary systems used, allowances provided, detailed incentives policy information and benefits provision
  • A summary of the economic conditions prevailing in the country and details of the changes in survey exchange rates help put the survey results into context 
  • Completely confidential, anonymised results

A shorter, non-personalised version of the report comes as standard as part of a subscription to ECA.

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