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ECA’s Accommodation Reports give you all the detail necessary to provide the right housing options for both your expatriates and your company. They can be purchased individually or as part of a subscription.

We use a multi-source approach for collecting our data, comprising estate agents, relocation agents and expatriates in addition to our dedicated team of International Data Researchers and in-house research.

ECA's comprehensive and reliable accommodation data is also available in our Accommodation Tool which provides more detail and flexibility for managing expatriate housing quickly and effectively.

Accommodation Reports contain:

  • Rental costs for nine different levels of housing, giving you the flexibility to differentiate your level of provision and use equivalent data across all locations
  • Information about market conditions, types of accommodation, rental trends and costs within popular expatriate districts
  • Clear explanations of conventions in tenancy agreements including deposits, break clauses and typical lease lengths
  • Comprehensive summaries of associated costs including service charges, utilities and municipal taxes for complete budgeting accuracy
  • Interactive maps showing popular expatriate neighbourhoods and useful amenities
  • Dedicated short-term accommodation section with costs for and information about serviced apartments

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