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The benefits of benchmarking - expatriate packages post-pandemic

This webinar explores latest developments in expatriate pay, and advises how mobility teams can benchmark their expatriates' salary and benefits packages with our unique MyEMP reports.

ECA experts report on key findings from our latest MyExpatriate Market Pay (MyEMP) Survey, explore the potential impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on international assignment remuneration, and share a case study to illustrate some of the many valuable ways the reports can help you.

Our speakers also discuss:

  • How expatriate salaries have changed around the world and why
  • Historical context: how were expatriate packages and pay policies affected by the previous crisis?
  • What next? ECA experts' views on how the present economic situation will impact expatriate remuneration policies and packages
  • 2020 MyEMP survey: how to participate in order to receive your own, free personalised salary benchmarking report

This webinar was delivered on Wednesday 29 July 2020. Please sign in to view the recording.


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