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Recovery in Hong Kong? Impact of Covid-19 on the expat workforce and pay packages

Join our free webinar to gain insights from our 2023 Expatriate Market Pay Survey. We provided a detailed summary and analysis of the survey results, along with a discussion on key trends and factors expected to influence expatriate compensation and benefits packages in Hong Kong and across the APAC region in 2024.

Delivered by Lee Quane, Global Head of Business Development, and Mark Harrison, General Manager, Asia, this webinar explored:

  • Hong Kong expatriate compensation trends: How have packages changed since post-Covid reopening?
  • 2024 and beyond: what factors are most likely to impact expatriate compensation and benefits packages in the city this year and next and how?
  • Key locations in the APAC region and how have expatriate compensation and benefits packages changed.
  • Expatriate Market Pay Survey 2024: how you can take part

The session was delivered on Tuesday 18 June. Sign in to view the recording.

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