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Mobility Basics: The assignment lifecycle

Assigning an employee to work in another country is complicated, but often necessary. When a business needs a specific individual to move to work in a certain place, it is the job of global mobility professionals to make sure that happens in the smoothest manner possible.

There are many different processes to oversee simultaneously and multiple parties to coordinate and communicate with. The move has to be legally compliant and the salary and benefits package competitive to encourage the employee to be mobile. Most importantly, the whole experience of going on assignment needs to be positive for the employee and their family if their valuable international experience is to be retained by the organisation when the assignment ends.

Enjoy our infographic, which shows the main things you need to consider when sending an employee to work in another country. In coming weeks we will look at the assignment lifecycle in more detail, examining the processes that take place before, during and at the end of an international assignment.

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