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Key findings from our Expatriate Salary Management Survey

Long-term international assignments remain an important part of organisations’ international operations, even with the challenges and disruption brought on by the Covid–19 pandemic. ECA’s recent Expatriate Salary Management Survey showed that assignee packages are not becoming leaner or moving away from the home-based salary approach, despite ever-present cost pressures for many businesses. This is likely because talent management and motivating mobility are seen as the most challenging aspects of managing long-term international assignments, so rather than making packages leaner for all, organisations often look to vary their policy according to the purpose or type of assignment. This segmentation of policies can ensure costs are managed while still encouraging mobility.

The infographic below shows some of the key findings of the survey, which looks at the latest trends and best practice in calculating and managing pay for long-term international assignments. As always, ECA’s Consultants are on hand to help you develop or review your global mobility policies according to your company’s business objectives, and in line with market practice.

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We will present a live webinar on 3 November (14:00 BST / 10:00 EDT) to discuss some of the key results from the survey in more detail - sign up here to join!

Shortlisted for an FEM EMMA!

We're excited that the Expatriate Salary Management Survey (ESMS) has been shortlisted for an FEM EMMA in the category of "Thought Leadership – Best Survey or Research Study of the Year". Our detailed ESMS report provides mobility teams with in-depth information on latest trends and best practice, to ensure their salary packages remain competitive for their long-term assignees and fit for purpose. The awards will be made at the FEM EMEA event early November.


ECA's Expatriate Salary Management Survey establishes the latest trends and challenges in the application of international assignment pay and policy for long-term assignees.

Our experienced Consultancy & Advisory team can help you design global mobility policies, whether creating them for the first time or reviewing existing documents. Contact us to find out more.

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