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Results based on: Surveys

Singapore rises by 13 places in global rankings in last five years.

Japanese yen and Hong Kong dollar appreciate to lower Chinese Tier 1 city rankings.

Strength of Swiss franc contributes to Switzerland becoming the most expensive European country surveyed for expatriates - Four Swiss cities top European rankings.

Congolese franc's appreciation against most major currencies over the past year helps Kinshasa to top our global rankings in 2016.

Hong Kong is now Asia Pacific's second most expensive location for expatriates.


Singapore retains top ranking in global liveability index for Asian expatriates, with Hong Kong rising by five places.

Air pollution amongst the biggest factors affecting Asia's cities

Lion City’s ranking unfazed by high levels of haze in 2015 

Barry Rodin, ECA’s Chief Economist, shares some best practice recommendations companies can use to improve their talent management processes in his last article for Newsline.