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What have you and your fellow mobility professionals been most interested in this year? We take a look back at a few of our most popular blog posts of 2023.

ESG considerations have become vital in responsible business practices, and ECA proudly stands at the forefront. In recent years we have truly stepped up to evolve from awareness to taking action, placing sustainability at the heart of our operations. Here we share the progress we are making on...

Navigating the complex terrain of achieving sustainability in Global Mobility can be inherently challenging. In this article, we explore the barriers to sustainability and suggest plans to kick-start or reinforce your company's sustainability journey.

Few mobility teams believe they are successful in achieving sustainability, however there are ways to minimise the impact of global mobility on the environment at each stage of the assignment process.

Focusing on some key initiatives we see companies introducing in order to incorporate sustainability into mobility policies, we address the challenge of balancing assignee satisfaction with implementing sustainable actions.