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Results based on: Salary reviews

Taipei is only the joint 65th most liveable location for Asian expats Singapore tops the rankings as the most liveable location Hong Kong continues to sit outside of the top 25 best locations for expats

Singapore tops the rankings for the most liveable location for Asian expats Hong Kong continues to sit outside of the top 25 in the liveability rankings Kuala Lumpur continues to drop and is only ranked 126th regionally Japanese cities continue to perform strongly, with all surveyed...

In recent months a new and worrying development is taking some of the shine off Cape Town's image - the water supply. We are running a short spot survey to find out how organisations are supporting their staff as we near Day Zero.

2017 was a chaotic year throughout the world. Natural disasters, political tensions and economic issues have all had an effect on ECA's Location Ratings scores.

It has been a busy time at ECA with our teams analysing and publishing all the data collected from recent surveys - here's a summary highlighting the latest data updates and what else is new!

What are location allowances and how and why are they are paid? Read on to set location allowances for your globally mobile employees with confidence.

The 2017 hurricane season has been a particularly devastating year with Puerto Rico being one of the most affected areas. An analysis from one of our International Data Researchers assesses the situation in the capital, San Juan.

In recent weeks we have seen Hurricane Harvey cause massive destruction in Houston and Hurricane Irma devastate parts of the Caribbean. How are location allowances likely to be affected?

Hong Kong falls to 29th position in global liveability rankings for Asian expatriates.

Overall living conditions in Singapore decline over five-year period due to worsening air pollution.