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Results based on: Managing Mobility Survey

UK employees are expected to receive a real-terms salary increase of 0.4 percent after inflation in 2022, approximately £127 per annum before tax.

Salaries for workers in Hong Kong are forecast to increase by 3.2% on average next year, 0.7% higher than in 2021.

Employees based in Singapore are expected to see a salary increase of 3.5% next year, up from 2.8% this year.

Lee Quane, Mark Harrison and Anna Michielsen explore highlights from our recent Salary Trends Survey. Find out whether pay trends have recovered from the Covid-19 pandemic, and what to expect in 2022.

Our latest Mobility Basics post looks at cost of living indices and the important role they play when preparing an international assignment.

Driven by lower cost of benefits and a dip in salaries, the overall cost of employing a mid-level expatriate worker in Singapore has dropped by USD 7 284.

The overall cost of employing a mid-level expatriate worker in Hong Kong dropped by USD 5 067 in 2020.

18% of companies use the hybrid approach to try and achieve equity, but what is the hybrid approach and should your company be using it?

How can your organisation get the most out of benchmarking? We take a look at the main things to consider.

Anna Michielsen from ECA Sydney explores the benefits of benchmarking expatriate pay and benefits packages, and how to remain competitive and cost-effective in 2021. This session has a specific focus on Australasia.