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Results based on: Local salaries

但仍較內地一線城市為低 且差距有擴大趨勢

But they are still lower than in top Mainland China cities … and the gap is widening

ECA International 的最新调查显示以上結果,但指出二线城市的薪酬仍然较低

India has the third highest expatriate pay packages in Asia

Singapore has seventh highest expatriate pay packages in Asia

As ECA launches this year's MyExpatriate Market Pay Survey, Euan Jones, Remuneration Analyst at ECA, takes a closer look at the local plus assignee pay method. Just how cost-effective is it?

ECA’s Lee Quane and Barry Rodin take a look at alternatives to the home-based international pay method, why they are being used and some of the issues that can arise.