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Hong Kong is the second most expensive location in the world for expatriates

Pamela Pang explores how to successfully manage assignee salary packages in the current complex environment. Please note, this webinar was delivered in Japanese.

25 November 2022

Double-digit inflation club finally begins to shrink, but newcomers are nearly all from Western Europe.

23 September 2022

As countries around the world scramble to combat the cost of living crisis, is this the beginning of the end for high inflation, or just the end of the beginning?

China's low inflation is helping the world in its fight to bring down the cost of living, but it could mean big upward index adjustments for Asian outbound assignees.

How have key events around the world affected cost of living indices for your assignees?

A 20% rent increase cements London’s position within top five most expensive cities in the world, while a 12% increase in rental costs sees New York overtake Geneva to secure second place.

Strong currency ensures Hong Kong keeps its crown for another year.

A further rise in Singapore’s ranking was curbed by the weaker Singapore dollar against other major currencies.

UK inflation hits 9%, while no fewer than 13 countries have joined the double-digit inflation club this time, as a major economic crisis looms.