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Results based on: Inflation

What Brexit means, for the world and global mobility alike, should become clearer next week.

The latest devaluation of what is now an almost worthless currency is unlikely to solve Venezuela's growing crisis.

15 January 2019

The latest consumer price indices put Zimbabwe and Malawi into the high-inflation club.

14 November 2018

Given its history, the recent rise of inflation in Zimbabwe is deeply worrying for many.

17 September 2018

Iran rejoins the high-inflation club as prices surge higher globally, plus other inflation-related news.

Huge devaluation and five zeros lopped off banknotes as Venezuela takes desperate measures to halt crisis.

Turkey and Liberia see rises in inflation, whilst the plummeting value of the rial doesn't bode well for Iran.

Energy costs are still a major factor in cost of living calculations.

Ethiopia shows the value of using the right cost of living index.

In countries where inflation is particularly high, ECA undertakes interim cost of living surveys so that companies can protect their assignees’ spending power.