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Results based on: Exchange rates

'Regionalisation' of the global economy could make cost of living trends more divergent.

06 September 2023

Big falls in the value of Argentina's and Zimbabwe's currencies in August won't be the last. Is full dollarisation a potential solution?

Mauritanian ouguiya sees sharp fall, but recent 'flotations' of Nigerian naira and Zimbabwean dollar are being rowed back.

Angolan kwanza is the latest African currency to be devalued, while Turkey finally abandons bizarre economic experiments. All this and more in our monthly currency round-up.

Nigeria's new president wastes no time in unifying exchange rates.

Burundi and Zimbabwe see big devaluations as African currencies buckle under persistent pressure.

Serial currency fallers fall again, West Africa's eco is delayed again,and there's exchange-rate chaos in Argentina - again! All this and more in a bumper month of currency-related news.

As Africa's foreign exchange reserves dwindle and currency values fall, leaders need to be clear about where the causes lie.

This free report explains how ECA's indices are calculated and applied to protect the buying power of people moving between countries as well as looking at what causes them to change over time.

As Hong Kong expects to receive the highest number of business travellers since 2019 it remains the most expensive location in the region for business travel.