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Results based on: Exchange rates

Zimbabwe and Iran blow up an otherwise peaceful month for currencies.

Argentina follows Nigeria's unwise lead, with a devaluation likely to inflict pain for little gain.

Argentina's new government has wasted no time in reforming the currency.

It's that time of year again! That's right, our latest Cost of Living results are in. Covering over 25 locations experiencing some of the greatest volatility in terms of inflation and currency movements, explore our interactive map to understand how various factors have affected indices in the...

Double kwacha trouble, in Malawi and Zambia, while the Israeli shekel rebounds. All this and more in our monthly currency news round-up.

Belarus devalues the rouble following inflation reduction, while expectations are rising that Argentina and Nigeria will also devalue soon.

While exchange rate fluctuations may be beyond employers' control, they are accountable for implementing protective measures to safeguard assignees from adverse impacts. Getting exchange rate protection right involves aligning multiple processes correctly. Depending on how the company delivers...

'Regionalisation' of the global economy could make cost of living trends more divergent.

06 September 2023

Big falls in the value of Argentina's and Zimbabwe's currencies in August won't be the last. Is full dollarisation a potential solution?

Mauritanian ouguiya sees sharp fall, but recent 'flotations' of Nigerian naira and Zimbabwean dollar are being rowed back.