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Results based on: Currency movements

Central London joint sixth most expensive business travel location in Europe.

Hong Kong is the most expensive location in Asia for business travel, with the typical business trip costing USD 515 per day.

Singapore is the fourth most expensive location in Asia for business travel.

The Argentinian peso continues to slide in an otherwise quiet month for exchange rates.

In this webinar, ECA experts Steven Kilfedder and Laura Whitehouse will provide practical advice on dealing with currency volatility.

What Brexit means, for the world and global mobility alike, should become clearer next week.

Zimbabwe introduces a new currency... sort of.

For several reasons, changing compensation packages as a direct response to currency movements is nearly always a bad idea.

Why are short-term assignments growing in popularity and how are companies structuring packages?

Massive devaluation of the som as Uzbekistan comes in from the cold.