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Results based on: Currency movements

Reserve Bank appears to have devalued Zimbabwe dollar by 40%.

Currencies devalued in China, Sri Lanka and Syria, plus all the other exchange rate news from around the world in our monthly round-up.

When managing international assignee salary packages, exchange rates can have a huge impact on the overall value.

Sudan floats the pound, Egypt devalues and the Japanese yen has its worst month for 16 years. All this and more in our monthly currency news round-up.

Sri Lanka's currency devaluation should help secure IMF support but will also push up inflation.

As Russia wrecks its own economic prospects, it is dragging allies and 'brotherly' nations down with it.

The longstanding cost-of-living partnership between inflation and exchange rates, whereby one offsets the other, appears to be breaking down amid the global price surge.

Lebanon devalues exchange rate for bank withdrawals, while Turkey fails to stop the lira's slide. All this and more in our monthly round-up of currency news.

Our teams have been busy analysing and publishing all the data collected from recent surveys - here's a summary highlighting the latest data updates and what else is new!

Turkey is paying a heavy price to shore up the lira, whose value is being destroyed by the country's own president.