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Results based on: Daily rates

NAFTA states see big currency losses in November.

When cost of living indices are updated to reflect changes in living costs in the two locations, assignees often question why certain indices have changed in the way that they have. 

Egyptian central bank floats the pound.

Instead of offsetting each other, inflation and exchange rates can sometimes pull in the same direction, requiring considerable cost of living adjustments for international staff.

The world's strongest currency in September desperately needs another devaluation.

Tugrik slides as Mongolia in 'deep state of economic crisis'.

Monthly round-up of the world's biggest exchange-rate moves.

How global mobility teams should respond to Brexit.

ECA advises patience following historic UK vote.

It's less than a week until the UK votes on whether to remain part of the European Union, with the latest polls putting the 'Leave' campaign narrowly ahead. What would Brexit mean for expatriates from the UK and elsewhere and the people that manage them?