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Results based on: Cost of living

Energy costs are still a major factor in cost of living calculations.

Ethiopia shows the value of using the right cost of living index.

Our latest blog post considers the items that should be included in assignment cost estimates to help businesses to make informed mobility decisions and take control of the cost of their programmes.

How much could a night out this Valentine's Day cost you?

In countries where inflation is particularly high, ECA undertakes interim cost of living surveys so that companies can protect their assignees’ spending power.

Sudanese pound devalued from SDG 7 to SDG 18.7 against the dollar.

UK cities more attractive for overseas employers with lowest ever rankings in global Cost of Living Index

We discuss key findings from our latest Cost of Living Survey and what impact recent global events could have on indices.

It has been a busy time at ECA with our teams analysing and publishing all the data collected from recent surveys - here's a summary highlighting the latest data updates and what else is new!

Taipei is now 33rd most expensive city to live in globally, an increase of 33 places in five years. Kaohsiung rises to 45th on the table, an increase of 88 places in five years.