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Results based on: Cost estimates

Massive devaluation of the som as Uzbekistan comes in from the cold.

GCC countries are planning to introduce a 5% value-added tax on 1 January 2018. What effect will this tax have on the cost of living for expatriates living there?

We discuss how Hong Kong's attractiveness to multinationals and expats compares with 20 years ago and in relation to other regional competitors.

The BBQ season is upon us! To help ensure that you don't overspend we look at the costs of laying on a family BBQ in our Cost of Grilling rankings.

With the UK set for a heatwave, the barbecue season is upon us. But how much could it cost you this Father's Day?

We discuss key findings from our latest Cost of Living survey and what impact recent global events could have on indices.

Weak GBP causes Central London to drop to 132nd according to ECA's latest Cost of Living rankings - its lowest ever recorded position.

Manhattan no longer most expensive location in Americas for first time in three years.

Hong Kong is the world's second-most expensive location for expatriates; its highest position since ECA's rankings began.

Taipei is APAC region's 14th most expensive location for expatriates; highest position since ECA's rankings began.