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Foundations of International Assignment Compensation

- Delivered in Asia only -

This half-day course is designed to give HR practitioners a thorough understanding of the most common method used for calculating international assignment salaries, the home-based approach, also known as the build-up or balance sheet calculation, as well as to ensure that delegates are up-to-date regarding market practice and best practice.

Participants come away with a firm understanding of how the home-based approach works, the various assignment allowances and why they are provided, how they are calculated, market practice regarding calculation and how company policies impact assignment compensation.

Course objectives:

  • To provide an understanding of the relationship between international assignments and compensation methods
  • To introduce the most common method used to determine employee compensation during international assignments
  • To provide a thorough understanding of the main types of allowances provided as part of an international assignment
  • To use case studies and real-life examples in exercises in order for delegates to come away with a practical knowledge that can be applied in the workplace

Who should attend

This course is designed as an introduction or refresher for anyone involved in the practical administration of international assignment policy and salary calculations e.g. IM Managers, HRBPs, C&B professionals, HR Managers, HR Administrators, HR Executives etc.


Introduction to international assignments and compensation
 - International assignment trends
 - Business drivers for international assignments
 - Main types of assignment
 - Aims of international assignment compensation policy
 - Main approaches to assignment compensation
The home-based (build-up/balance sheet) approach in detail:
 - Introduction: aims of the home-based approach
 - Cost of living (COL) indices and how to calculate COL allowances
 - Location (Hardship) allowance methodologies
 - Other mobility-related allowances
 - Understanding hypotax