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Short-term Allowance Calculator


ECA's Short-term Allowance Calculator provides a choice of regional bases on which to create consistent allowances in the host location, whatever the nationality of the assignee.

Allowances are calculated to cover day-to-day essentials costs in the host location more cost-effectively than extending the provision of per diems making them ideal for assignments of up to one year's duration. The allowance calculated assumes that the assignees continue to receive their home country salary and that host accommodation is paid for by the company.

Short-term Allowance Calculator
Short-term Allowance Calculator

Subscribing to the Short-term Allowance Calculator enables you to:

  • Choose from three standard levels of allowance: junior, middle and senior
  • Tailor your allowances by selecting the number of additional meals included and adding public transport
  • Customise the countries to include in your base and share within your company
  • Calculate amounts for daily, weekly or monthly allowances in any currency
  • Prepare reports detailing the allowance and assumptions used
  • Instantly download data for all locations worldwide in one document

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