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Build-up Calculator


ECA's Build-up Calculator offers a quick and accurate way to calculate assignment salaries according to your international assignment policy.

The calculator allows you to work from either net or gross, adjust cost of living indices for exchange rate and inflation movements, apply any of three different indices and adjust them to exclude types of goods if desired, and to apply indices to different elements of salary. It also produces attractive reports and downloads for you to share with your team and your expatriates if you choose to.

The calculator is available to buy with subscription data pre-loaded. You can also buy build-up calculations individually through our Consultancy & Advisory service.

ECA’s tax and balance sheet calculators are great time-savers for me, and I know I can rely on the data in them.  Added to that, the quality of the support I get from the team there is exceptional.  I see them as an extension of my team.

- Ashley Fernandes, Reward Manager, Coats International

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