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Tax calculations


Our tax calculator has both gross-to-net and net-to-gross functionality; an ECA tax calculation can help you to understand the employee’s net position when receiving a gross salary in the host country as well as estimate the host country tax and social security liability involved in providing an employee a guaranteed net salary.

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How to calculate hypotax  

27 September 2019

Tax equalisation allows employees on assignment to effectively pay the same amount of tax they would have if they had remained at home. This figure...

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Paying gross - a suitable alternative to paying net?  

24 May 2017

How do you pay your international assignees? We discuss what it is to pay gross and whether it is a suitable alternative to paying net.

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  White Papers

ECA Global Perspectives - Tax and Social Security  

26 February 2019

Using key figures from ECA's tax reports and calculators for over 100 countries, this free white paper provides insight into relative tax and socia...

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ECA Global Perspectives - National Salary Comparison  

12 September 2016

This free white paper provides a snapshot comparison of the relative wealth of managers in 57 countries, showing at a glance whether an individual'...

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