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ECA Global Perspectives - National Salary Comparison

The National Salary Comparison is a unique guide to how the differences in local pay levels, tax and cost of living between countries affect the mobility management options of employers.  Providing a snapshot comparison of the relative wealth of managers in 57 countries, this free document looks beyond gross and net salaries to show at a glance whether an individual's spending power would be maintained if they moved to work in a different country and were paid a local salary.

New! National Salary Comparison tool

ECA subscribers now benefit from the addition of a FREE National Salary Comparison tool in MyECA. Features include:

  • Select the countries you want to compare from the 57 available
  • Change the base country to compare the figures in your preferred currency
  • Click series on or off to compare and rank countries' salaries in order of gross, net or Relative Buying Power

National Salary Comparison tool

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