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Expatriate Market Pay in 2023 (delivered in Japanese)

Please note: this webinar was delivered in Japanese.

As local workforces in Japan shrink and an increasing number of companies try to bring foreign nationals into Japan, benchmarking salary packages for foreign workers in Japan is becoming more and more important. In the meantime, how do your traditional long-term assignments’ salary packages compare against other companies in the post-pandemic world?

ECA’s Senior Client Solutions Executive Pamela Pang shared our latest survey results from our MyExpatriate Market Pay Survey and discussed how this survey will be of help.  

Pamela Pang took a close look at:

  • Challenges regarding global mobility in a post-pandemic world
  • Expatriate salary trends in Japan and other key locations
  • Factors impacting salary changes and 2023 outlook
  • How to make use of the MyEMP reports and take part in the survey

This webinar was delivered on 20 July 2023. Sign in to view the recording. 


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