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As we prepare to publish new accommodation data, we take a look at rental trends in some key locations and the factors at play.

Brexit continues to pull UK inflation both up and down, and Argentina introduces higher-value notes as soaring cost of living erodes value.

ECA  provides some tips to help you identify the reliable Cost of Living data and understand how to maximise your efficiency in cost of living allowance calculations by utilising appropriate data. This webinar was delivered in Cantonese. 

We explore the priorities for companies who are reassessing their Global Mobility policy; from modernisation to reorganisation, read more to discover both obstacles and solutions for companies when reviewing the aims of their policy.

Asian currencies continue their slump, while Africa provides extreme volatility amid a global 'deep freeze'.

Imagine harnessing the power of data analytics to predict move patterns, enhance the employee experience, and ensure seamless immigration processes. Here we delve into the transformative impact of data analytics on global mobility, exploring how it is empowering GM teams.

23 April 2024 - 24 April 2024 Singapore Singapore Hilton Orchard
08:45 - 17:00

ECA's two-day training course provides a comprehensive insight into both the theory and practical elements of managing international assignments.

ECA provided an update on data trends on Cost of Living, Location Allowance and Accommodation we had seen in 2023. This webinar was delivered in Japanese.

Zimbabwe launches ZiG: meet the new currency (same as the old currency!)

African currency reforms seem to be the real deal, but some are more sealed than others! Also, latest progress reports on digital currencies around the world.