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Using key figures from ECA's tax reports and calculators for over 100 countries, this free white paper provides insight into relative tax and social security liabilities in major expatriate destinations worldwide.

How do you get an accurate picture of the cost of living, when the price of an item can change depending on a range of factors? This was the challenge on a recent data collection trip to Zimbabwe.

Using ECA's Location Ratings as a measure, has life improved or declined since the turn of the millennium? And how do the longer-term trends compare to the changes we saw in the latest Location Ratings survey?

How much could a night out this Valentine's Day cost you?

Dublin re-enters the top 10 most liveable cities in the world thanks to improved personal safety in 2018.

Edinburgh is the only UK city in the top 20 most liveable cities in the world for European expats, closely followed by Aberdeen at 21.

Many expatriates are accompanied by their partner when they go on an international assignment. But how can organisations support the partner in ways which are both meaningful and cost-effective?

The South African rand leads an emerging-markets currency rally.

We asked several senior global mobility professionals what were likely to be their biggest challenges in the year ahead.

Singapore is once again named the most liveable location for East Asian expats