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As the pandemic continues, ECA's Managing Mobility Survey examines some of the most prevalent global mobility trends that have emerged throughout the year.

Foreign conflicts, sanctions, the pandemic and alarmingly unorthodox economics are all taking a toll on the Turkish lira.

Almost 20% of companies already automate the process of generating assignment documentation, with a further 22% planning to do so in the future. But what are the benefits of document generation and how does it work?

As organisations continue to strive to recruit and retain the best talent, one of the ways to stand out from the crowd is to offer outstanding employee experience. But how can this be applied in Global Mobility?

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new online training course: Principles of Global Mobility.

Prices - and tensions - leap higher after Surinam devalues the dollar.

23 September 2020

Inflation is coming!... Or is it?

We look at the advantages and disadvantages of tax equalisation and tax protection to help you decide the best option for your organisation.

How can the insights provided in ECA's MyExpatriate Market Pay Reports inform and support cost management decisions?

The latest post in our Mobility Basics blog series focuses on the home-based approach, looking at the advantages of the approach and when it should be applied.