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Finally, inflation is falling fast across the globe, but there are some familiar exceptions!

As short-term assignments become an essential means of moving talent, how should employees be compensated for their living costs during the assignment?

Cost of living indices help organisations determine appropriate salary packages for employees on international assignments. Join us in exploring the process with our engaging infographic.

Tiffany Lau explores the latest mobility trends in Hong Kong and how to ensure compensation and benefits packages remain competitive.

Serial currency fallers fall again, West Africa's eco is delayed again,and there's exchange-rate chaos in Argentina - again! All this and more in a bumper month of currency-related news.

ECA has secured a multi-million pound investment from Pelican Capital to accelerate development of its software-as-a-service businesses that help companies manage their internationally mobile workforce.

This blog highlights key findings from our International Business Trips Survey, revealing how companies are managing international business travellers as travel returns to normal.

Jeff Chu & Mandy Tsai made an introduction to location allowances, discussed market practice in Greater China and paied attantion to methodology of ECA’s location ratings and relevant solutions. This webinar was delivered in Mandarin.

Navigating the complex terrain of achieving sustainability in Global Mobility can be inherently challenging. In this article, we explore the barriers to sustainability and suggest plans to kick-start or reinforce your company's sustainability journey.

Controlling costs is always a significant challenge for GM, but global inflation has increased cost pressures on mobility programmes. In this blog post, we reveal 20 areas where there may be savings to be made.