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Take a look at the key findings from ECA's recent International Rotators Survey, showing the latest trends in rotator assignments.

11 June 2019 - 11 June 2019 Wellington QT Museum Hotel
08:30 - 10:30

Learn more about the latest developments in the management of mobile staff and network with other New Zealand government agencies.

After another chaotic month, is there now a glimmer of light for Zimbabwe's currency?

In this webinar, ECA experts Oliver Browne and Georgia Wilson will provide practical advice on using ECA's MyExpatriate Market Pay Survey to benchmark your assignees' pay and benefits.

What is best market practice when providing transport benefits for international assignees and what factors should be taken into account?

Iran's CPI tops 50%, but there could be some signs of hope for the Argentinian economy.

The average pay package for an expatriate in the UK has risen by over GBP 40 000.

The overall cost of sending a mid-level expat to Hong Kong would now cost a company an average of USD 276 417.

The average expatriate pay package rises in Singapore, including an average salary increase of USD 4,874.

A recent international data research trip to Central Africa highlights the importance of collecting expat data in challenging locations.