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Permanent transfers are on the rise: What we learnt from our survey

Permanent transfers are becoming an increasingly common type of international move for many organisations, often favoured for their cost-effectiveness for the company or the fresh challenge they represent for the employee. ECA’s recent Permanent Transfers Survey found that over half of companies have seen an increase in the proportion of one-way relocations they manage in relation to their overall global mobility population in the last three years and nearly two-thirds predict an increase in the next three years.

Given the permanent nature of these moves, transferees are typically paid host-based salaries and offered at least some form of company support with the relocation process itself. However, the extent to which company assistance is provided on an ongoing basis is more variable, differing according to factors such as whether the company or the employee initiated the move. To give you an overview of the findings, we have prepared a handy infographic highlighting the latest trends in compensation and benefits provision for employees who are relocated abroad indefinitely:


ECA’s Consultants are on hand to help you develop or review your permanent transfers policy according to your specific needs and in line with best practice.

Our Net-to-Net Calculator provides the information you need to negotiate and explain a local salary offer to your employees. It applies ECA’s dependable tax data to your gross salaries to compare the net salary of a local package against the net salary of a home-based package, helping you to quickly assess the suitability of a local salary and the adjustment required, if any, to deal with any shortfall. Contact us for a demo of the tool or for our team to carry out a calculation for you.

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