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Your favourite ECA blog posts of 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, we take a look back to see which posts resonated most with our blog readers over the past twelve months. 

As ever, we set out to provide valuable and informative content to help mobility professionals around the world be most effective in their role. From educational posts explaining key concepts, to advising on industry trends and best practice, and sharing tips to manage various aspects of your GM programme, our blog provides a trusted source of in-depth insights and guidance on a wide range of topics to reflect the multidisciplinary nature of global mobility.

Below you’ll find our most popular posts of the year, providing a snapshot of some of the key challenges mobility teams faced in 2022. This is only a small selection, of course, take a look through the blog for other topics relevant to you.

We will continue to update you on the most important issues affecting global mobility throughout 2023 and beyond.  To stay informed of the latest developments, make sure you are signed up to follow our blog and to receive email communications from us. 

We hope the blog continues to be a valuable resource for clients and mobility teams globally. Please get in touch if there are any topics you’d like us to cover and, of course, if there is anything we can help you with.

International remote working

How should you calculate pay for international remote workers?

International remote working policies are a great way to attract and retain talent. However, determining salaries for these arrangements is complex and difficult to get right.

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Assignment management software

Assignment management software and compliance in global mobility

Assignment management software can be a key enabler for GM teams to rise to the challenges posed by ever-increasing compliance demands.

Cost of living and inflation

Inflation and cost of living: Why hasn’t my index gone up?

With inflation on the rise in countries around the world, it is increasingly important that global mobility managers and assignees understand how rising prices impact pay.


Balancing assignee satisfaction with sustainable actions

Focusing on some key initiatives we see companies introducing in order to incorporate sustainability into mobility policies, we address the challenge of balancing assignee satisfaction with implementing sustainable actions.

Cost estimates

Mobility Basics – Cost estimates

Cost estimates enable better-informed decisions and cost-efficiency in your global mobility programme, providing indispensable insight for different stakeholders across the business. Here we take a look at how cost estimates are used and what components are included in the calculation.

Rising rents

Where are housing rents rising and why?

Rental prices are increasing in different markets around the world. Based on our latest Accommodation Survey, we've looked at recent trends, focusing on locations with some of the biggest increases and the factors at play.

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