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How are companies embracing technology to manage mobility?  

24 May 2021

ECA's Managing Mobility Survey investigated how organisations are adapting their mobility programmes in order to be fit for the future. This in-dep...

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The growth of the ‘economic employer’ concept  

5 February 2021

In this guest article from Global Tracker, we look at the economic employer approach and the different issues that it can cause for assignees.

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How to assess whether a local salary is viable for mobile workers  

17 June 2021

Salaries based on local packages are becoming increasingly common, but how do you know if they provide a sufficient incentive for your assignees?

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Surinam devalues its currency by 33%  

14 June 2021

The Central Bank of Surinam has promised flexible exchange rates following a big devaluation, but will it deliver?

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White papers

Will an individual's spending power be maintained if they move to work in a different country? This free white paper compares local salaries for managers in 58 countries in terms of relative buying power, showing at a glance which international moves will be viable on local terms.

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This free report looks at the costs of providing benefits for mobile employees, including insight into common practice and how to assess the total cost of the assignment package.

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Expatriate Market Pay in 2021 - the value of benchmarking during a pandemic

9 June 2021

Lee Quane, Regional Director, and Mark Harrison, Associate Director explore the latest developments in expatriate pay across Asia, and how companies can ensure cost-efficiency in 2021.

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Managing mobility in a changing landscape

3 March 2021

Oliver Browne, Remuneration and Policy Surveys Manager, and Georgia Wilson, Key Account Manager explore results from our recent Managing Mobility survey and how GM teams are adapting their approaches to face the challenges ahead.

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