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Kongsberg Gruppen ASA supplies hi-tech systems to customers in the aerospace, oil & gas, merchant marine and defence sectors. Its four main business divisions each had its own method for rewarding staff, leading to disparities from one division to the next for employees working side-by-side, clouding clarity on costs and creating confusion over responsibilities.
Kongsberg wanted ECA's help to create a set of standardised policies to provide clarity on international assignment policy for all the business divisions in order to make the process smoother and the packages more equitable. In order to do this, ECA undertook the following steps:

  • Development and analysis of an assignee survey
  • Comparison of the current policy terms and conditions with market practice
  • Design of a new Group policy
  • Creation of a roles and responsibilities matrix for key assignment stakeholders
  • Production of guidelines for expatriates, partners and HR

One of the main successes of this project, in addition to the implementation of a global policy, was in the definition of the roles and responsibilities of each of the IHR administrators in Group HR and across the separate business divisions to facilitate communications and efficiencies.

Kongsberg policy streamlining
Kongsberg policy streamlining


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