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Results based on: Cost of living

Singapore out of global top 20 most expensive locations for expatriates.

UK cities fall dramatically in global rankings - Central London drops 57 places and out of top 100.

Manhattan drops nine places to fall out of global top 20 most expensive locations.

Tokyo retakes the global top spot for first time since 2012 - Japanese locations move back into global top 10 most expensive.

Hong Kong overtakes Shanghai in regional and global rankings.

Singapore closes gap with Hong Kong in global rankings - moving into 16th position this year.

Auckland more expensive than Sydney - first time since ECA's Cost of Living rankings began.

Nigerian locations have seen the largest fall in our September 2016 survey.

ECA's Production Manager, Steven Kilfedder, discusses key findings from our recent Cost of Living survey and what impact recent global events could have on your assignee indices.

When cost of living indices are updated to reflect changes in living costs in the two locations, assignees often question why certain indices have changed in the way that they have.