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Infographic: The Cost of Loving around the world

How much could a night out this Valentine's Day cost you?

In honour of Valentine’s Day we use our latest cost of living data to show how much an evening date could cost this year in 23 of the most romantic cities around the world. The evening includes a dinner for two followed by cinema, drinks and a return taxi ride (two journeys).

ECA’s Cost of Living Survey measures the cost of a wide range of goods and services used by expatriates in over 460 locations around the world. However, there can be few more important than the cost of taking your loved one on a romantic date!

The cost of romance most certainly varies from city to city. A night out in Antananarivo in Madagascar will cost only a fifth as much as in Geneva, Switzerland!

Find out more about how ECA's Cost of Living data can help you, or see our full range of services.

Infographic showing the cost of a date around the world


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