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Resourcing and developing talent – Become more effective

Barry Rodin, ECA’s Chief Economist, shares some best practice recommendations companies can use to improve their talent management processes in his last article for Newsline. 

A key objective when resourcing and developing talent in Significant challenges in sourcing local talent? An international organisation is first identifying the degree to which suitable staff can be recruited locally (i.e. local nationals and/or locally employed foreign nationals). ECA’s recent survey, The role of international mobility in resourcing and developing your talent, found that two thirds of international employers believed the most significant challenges in obtaining qualified and experienced locals relate to senior, professional and technical positions, particularly in higher growth emerging markets. According to the survey findings, this is what continues to drive the need for international mobility programmes.
Below is a list of actions that can be taken throughout the assignment cycle to ensure a greater rate of success when it comes to resourcing and developing talent. The following recommendations are based on actions quoted by employers taking part in this survey which they believed improved their talent management.

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