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White papers

Download papers on subjects helpful for effective international assignment management

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Description Date produced Price
ECA Regional Perspective - Mobility in Asia 26 Jan 2015 FREE
This free report looks at demographics, economics and factors affecting those managing mobile staff and mobility strategy in Asia.
With insight into typical salary and benefits provision for expatriates in the context of Asia today, it provides an overview of key trends influencing business and mobility in Asia, derived from ECA’s individual reports.
ECA Global Perspectives - Tax & Social Security 13 Nov 2013 FREE
Looking at developments in government policy across the globe in 2013, this free paper contains visual guides and associated commentaries on tax and social security liabilities for both employers and employees around the world.
The document, which takes key figures from ECA’s individual country tax reports and software, illustrates the impact of tax and social security on global mobility costs, highlights opportunities for effective tax planning, and provides at-a-glance information on the proportions of income spent on tax and social security in 91 countries.
ECA Global Perspectives - Location Ratings 12 Jun 2013 FREE
This free paper looks at the use of location allowances in compensating employees for adaptation and hardship when working in a new location.
Including an overview of how allowances are calculated and delivered, plus an in-depth look at the living factors assessed and how these change over time, this document is a useful guide to companies either using or considering using location allowances as part of their mobility policy.
ECA Global Perspectives - National Salary Comparison 04 Feb 2013 FREE
This free paper provides a snapshot comparison of the relative wealth of managers in 55 countries and shows at a glance whether an individual's spending power would be maintained if they moved to a different country to work on a local salary.
ECA's National Salary Comparison is a unique guide to how the differences in local pay levels, tax and cost of living between countries affects the mobility management options of employers. By looking beyond gross and net salaries to actual buying power at three different job levels this document brings into the spotlight the real issues to consider when devising a robust mobility policy.
ECA Global Perspectives - Cost of Living 01 Jun 2012 FREE
This free paper looks at some of ECA's 414 cost of living indices from its March 2012 survey and factors that have affected them over the last twelve months.
Containing economic background, an overview of the world's cost of living and an in-depth look at why and how things change,  this free document also explains how indices are created and how they can be applied.
ECA Global Perspectives - Accommodation 18 Apr 2012 FREE
This document looks at the variations in cost of renting typical expatriate accommodation in 118 cities around the world and analyses how world events, economic and social factors have influenced rents and utilities costs over the last twelve months.
Through global comparisons and in-depth regional commentaries, this free paper uses data and information from ECA's location-specific Accommodation reports to provide an overview of cost trends, leasing terms, preferred expatriate districts and local facilities in cities in 67 countries worldwide.
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