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This page links to recordings of some of ECA's previous webinars for you to watch at your leisure. 
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Managing expatriate salaries when currencies are fluctuating 20 Mar 2014 FREE
As exchange rates continue to fluctuate significantly across key global economies, protecting expatriates' purchasing power can be a real challenge.
In this free webinar, ECA will look at recent currency movements in major economies and emerging markets, and explore the options managers have to protect the purchasing power of their expatriates' remuneration when significant exchange rate fluctuations occur, including:
  • Using guaranteed exchange rates
  • Interim reviews: establishing trigger points
  • Reconciliation: a worked example
  • Split pay: the pros and cons
Understanding hypotax - Principles of tax management for international assignments 29 Nov 2013 FREE
This free webinar introduces the fundamental considerations of tax management and provides a useful checklist of things to bear in mind when designing a policy or managing individual cases.
Attend this session and you will:
  • Learn about tax equalisation and tax protection: who will bear the tax burden or make the possible gains?
  • See how hypotax is used for tax and assignment planning
  • Understand how to calculate hypotax
  • Hear how different provisions affect overall costs to the employer and the benefit to the assignee
  • Gain a useful checklist of things to do when planning an assignment
How to benchmark expatriate salaries comprehensively 10 Jul 2014 FREE
This free webinar will show you how to:
  • Motivate and retain your mobile staff with the right packages
  • Verify and address your expatriates' queries on the competitiveness of their salaries - including the value of benefits and bonuses
  • Identify in which countries policy exceptions or developments need to be made to achieve business goals
  • Demonstrate to your Board the costs, values and reasoning around your expatriate pay management.
Referencing the results from last year’s MyExpatriate Markey Pay Survey, this webinar illustrates how you can use your free survey results to achieve the above, looking at:
•         Factors influencing expatriate pay in different countries
•         What you need to know to design a competitive expatriate salary policy
•         The impact of benefits on the total value of packages
•         Why local pay scales are important and how to reference them
•         Bonuses and variable pay
如何標竿比較您的外派人員薪酬 - ECA 2014年度外派薪酬市場調查 12 Aug 2014 FREE
  • 透過合理的薪酬及福利組合,來鼓勵您的外派人員及留才
  • 觀看最新全球與亞太區外派薪酬與福利組合趨勢
  • 瞭解您外派員工的薪酬競爭力 - 包括採用不同的薪酬制度與薪酬發放方式的影響
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