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Location Ratings Survey 2013

About the survey

This survey draws upon the first-hand experiences of international assignees to establish expatriate perceptions of host locations. The questionnaire largely uses multiple choice questions and can be completed quickly without any research.  There are no right or wrong answers - only your perceptions.
In addition to the multiple choice questions, there are many opportunities for you to add comments or stories and we would welcome any information you consider relevant.
ECA supplements the questionnaire responses with its own research to calculate the location rating scores. These scores are then used to determine company location allowances.
The questionnaire is available for online completion in three languages – English, French or Spanish. Click on the version you would like to complete and follow the on-screen instructions. 
Please note, you can save your answers and return to the questionnaire later if you wish.
  • ECA Location Ratings Survey 2013 – English
  • ECA Location Ratings Survey 2013 – Français 
  • ECA Location Ratings Survey 2013 – Español 

Closing date

In order to meet our production schedules, the final closing date for the survey is 18 June 2013. We look forward to receiving your input.